I used to pilot a CGS Hawk Ultralight single seat airplane. It had a 40 horsepower, 2 stroke engine that sat aft of the cockpit, allowing for great visibility. The aircraft used a military-style stick for control versus the standard yoke found in most civilian aircraft. It got too &%$#@*& expensive to fly (hanger rent, insurance, N-number, A&P inspections, biannual flight reviews, normal aircraft maintenance costs, etc.), so I had to sell it.

CGS Hawk Ultralight Aircraft

CGS Hawk Ultralight Cockpit

Me Flying the CGS Hawk Ultralight

CGS Hawk Ultralight Aircraft Video



My brother used to fly a paraglider. Here is some early video of his training days when he would literally step of a cliff.

My brother Mike jumping off the training hill

Mike making a perfect landing

Mike being towed at the Balloon Fiesta Park